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By miranda | July 31, 2011

Travelling with children… it’s amazing anyone can do it and stay sane.

That being said, over all it has been great so far.  Amazingly through our touring B.C. we have squeezed in many visits, mostly expected, some not, and the great weather has followed us everywhere.  Canmore was a longer stay than expected, due to adventures in tire repair, which allowed us to fit in a lunch with the MacDonald-Ferrie clan at the end of our birthday stopover for the July 22nd celebrators.

Onwards to the Okanagan, where we fit in a few days of camping, giving the kids some beach time at Skaha lake, which was waking distance from our campsite.  A good thing, as it allowed us to maximize out-of-car time.  All this travelling helps me realize how grown-up our little Sophie has become, as she is handling this all so well.  I also realize that Desmond is in the middle of a very difficult-to-travel-with time, which he will hopefully outgrow in about a year and a half… which would be great, except -silly us- by then we’ll have another one-and-a-half year old.  I’ve heard that one day, this will get easier… like, twenty years from now?

Our stop in Vancouver was highlighted by a great dinner at Simon’s.  Despite some lingering doubts, dinner turned out FANTASTIC, enjoyed by all.   Mmmmm, nice to be reminded you don’t need fancy restaurants to enjoy fancy food.  Also, Sophie LOVES salami… loves it, at least, she loves the stuff that Simon finds.  We’ll be bringing some home, oh yes.

And then we took the long way to Victoria through the Sunshine coast highway, entailing several extra ferry rides, to the delight of the kids.  Our motel room in Powell River had a great view across the ocean, and was only a block away from the ferry to the island the next morning.  We met up with Margaret in Parksville for a very fun few hours on the beach.  The kids discovered crab hunting in tidal pools, giggling and playing.  There was also a sand sculpture contest going on, which was quite impressive, wow, it’s amazing what artists can do in almost any medium.

And now we’re on our last day in Victoria.  The wedding yesterday was beautiful, as I mentioned at the beginning, the weather has co-operated this whole time, and the outdoor wedding at Saxe Point Park was no exception.  It was a small wedding, but one of the guests was Harry’s great-nephew (wow, that makes us sound old!) Graham, aged 4, who became fast friends with Sophie.  They played all day and danced and ran all night.  I’m surprised she’s up and full of energy again today, but that’s kids for you.  The rest of our time here has been filled up with some more quality face-to-face time with people we rarely get to see, coast-to-coast.  Julie and Dan have soaked up the mini-Annett love to the max, and we got to have a nice lunch with Great-Nana and Grandad here too.

Now, out for one more day of adventuring before we leave these balmy shores.

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2 Responses to “Victoria”

  1. Moi Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Thank you. I guess I missed you all by a day. It is nice to get these updates, sounds like you’re having a great time. Nice to hear your thoughts on how Sophie and Desmond are handling it.
    luv, moi

  2. Jocelan Delmars Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 6:28 am

    I always appreciate your words of love, this sharing here is like a breathe of fresh air, sharing the stories of your heart and adventure, thank you so much, I like the reminders of coming back to this page and dipping into the clear waters of joy!
    It was a joy to be with you all in Victoria, and Miranda, I am so grateful for the images of you and the kids and the peaceful radiance that moves from you, you are always a joy to photograph, thank you, thank you Harry for your great heart, thank you Odin and Sophie for your purity of spirit, xoxoxo auntie Pam until someone teaches Auntie Jocelan!!!