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On The Homestretch For Baby Number 3

By miranda | September 22, 2011

Well, the first pick in the Sprout Baby Pool has officially expired, and now it’s totally time to enter the waiting game.  It’s funny how focused you can get on numbers in pregnancy, there are so many milestones and benchmarks to get past, most of which I’ve been blessed not to have to worry about, given that my body and I take pretty darn well to the whole incubator role.  The one that means the most to me, however, is the 37-week, official full-term designation.  Anytime after 37 weeks, you are considered full term and able to deliver under the care of a midwife.  The births of Sophie and Desmond were two vastly different, but also utterly positive experiences for me, in a large part because I was able to surround myself with people and caregivers whom I trusted, and who in turn were willing to trust me and my body to do this most natural thing in the world.  Preparing for Sprout’s birth, I am again free from anxiety as the due-date approaches.  I still have no clear idea what to expect, as our midwife likes to say, baby number three is a complete wild-card, you can’t predict how labour will progress based on previous experience.  Being as my previous experience includes a two-and-a-half day marathon and a four-hour sprint, I think it’s fair to say anything goes this time around.  The big difference will be that we won’t have to worry about Sprout being born on the side of the road, as we’re going nowhere, planning to have this little bundle right here in the comfort of our own home.  The preparations this time have been a bit different because of this, with us having to provide a few extra items, and for me, it really includes a lot of visualizing how the birth will go.  This is often going on in the background, as I spend most of my time around this house.  Tomorrow the midwife comes by for a home visit, where we will go through in more detail how we hope things will go, with some helpful hints from someone who’s done this many times before.  And that, to me, is the crux of the matter… this has been done, many times before, by many generations, and even more importantly, by me… twice.  Sprout and I have come this far together and we will finish this journey.  I can’t wait until that magical moment when I will finally get to meet this wriggly, squiggly, wonderful little person who’s been cooking away inside me these past nine months.  I’m ready whenever you are, Sprout.

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  1. Moi Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Loved it, really beautiful.