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The long silence is broken…

By miranda | November 14, 2012

Well well, you know it’s been a while when the last post was Seamus’ birth story, and here we are, almost a month past his first birthday.

All I can say is, three kids are exponentially more time- and mind-consuming than two.  Way back when I only had two kids (like, 13 months ago) I was pretty confident in my parenting skills, and felt I was balancing everything on my plate quite adeptly.  Then I entered this alternate universe where 2+1= way more than 3.  It has been a challenging year, and a year full of new experiences and funny, sad, crazy anecdotes, many of which could have been transformed into interesting and diverting blog posts… but weren’t.  Through all this, I was able, for the most part, to keep the photo gallery up to date, so at least there was the visual record of our antics for all you distant readers to follow, but of late, even that has fallen to the wayside.  Now, that at least is not entirely my fault.  I’ve tried several times to update it, but the software we’re using for this site is out of date, and we need to overhaul the whole gallery portion to be able to upload any more.  So for now there is nothing new to see, but fear not, we still are photographing our three beautiful children, and at some date hopefully not to distant we will unveil a whole new gallery featuring our three blonde blue-eyed babies (with a few shots of Harry and I peppered through to assure you of our continued well-being).

Amazingly, even with the long hiatus, not much of interest is coming to mind this very moment.  The kids are keeping us all busy, and are busy themselves.  Sophie is thoroughly enjoying her second year of playschool, and we’re hoping to get Desmond in as well in January, after he turns three.  Since we’re foreseeing a multi-year investment in this playschool, I have volunteered to be on the executive, so I have some say in how it’s run and what kind of things they get to do.  I’m enjoying it, though it’s providing some challenges that I’m not used to, but I’m hoping will get better with time.  We’ve started down the path of enrolling our kids in various extra-curricular activities, with Sophie trying soccer in the spring and now taking skating lessons through the winter.  It’s also been a sporty year for Harry and I, with Harry taking a hockey course in January, then joining and managing a team in Edmonton’s NCHL (Non-Contact Hockey League).  After the minor setback of a boken wrist in between summer and winter leagues, he is back on the ice and loving it.  I have also ended a long hiatus from a beloved sport, joining a basketball league through the ESSC (Edmonton Sport and Social Club).  One of the factors stopping me had always been that I didn’t know anyone who played, but with the ESSC you can register as a single and they make a team for you.  Our team has really meshed well through the fall season and we’ve just signed up to play together again in January.  My first time back on the court my legs threatened to rebel and collapse on me after I ran up and down the court, but we’ve come to an agreement now and every week I feel better and better out there.  My rusty skills are slowly coming back to me as well, which is a pleasant feeling.

I’m going to make an effort not to let this blog lapse into an anual update thing, as there really is so much going on, and things change so quickly when the kids are this young.  Hopefully my mind will un-scatter and allow me to put together interesting narratives to share with the world a little bit more often.

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