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Beers along the trip… part one of many

By harry | March 8, 2008

Howdy all

 One of the things I love doing in a new land is to try some of the local brews.  Since I did all of the drinking, I will let Miranda write about the fantastic day we had and I will catch up on the list of brews I had. 

On Wednesday night, when we arrived in Great Falls Montana, I had to try my favourite Missoula beer from Big Sky Brewery called Moose Drool, a delightful brown ale.  I drank it at the mexican joint and at the biker bar we went to.

Thursday night, in Buffalo Wyoming, I also had a taste from the past, when I had a Flat Tire, an amber ale from New Belgium brewery, and then followed up with a Amber Bock, which I found out later was made by the folks at Michelob, which was okay but not good enough to keep up this conversation.

Since we arriving in Colorado I’ve  purcased a sampler case of beer from the Jarre Creek Ranch Brewery, and so far have tried the Honey Brown Ale, the Creekside Amber Ale, and the Heffer Wizzen Golden Ale, all pretty good tasting.

 At the Colorado hockey game, I tried Coors’ (please don’t judge me, I did not have much of a selection) Blue Moon beer, a white beer which I had on tap and instead of serving it with lemon, they served it with an orange slice, and is was very interesting and went well with the Mohitos that I had.  After I found a booth serving Flat Tires so I stuck with that.

After the game we visited the Wynkoop’s brewery, where they had many pool tables and just happened to serve their own beer, I tried the Sagebrush Stout and it was very yummy, though hoppy for the first part of the sip, the follow through was smooth and nutty and ended in a delightful chocolate finish.  Next I tried the B3K Schwarz Bier, and this was a very nice surprise, think of an ale that has a nutty and dark tast though seems to go down like a nice lager.  We chatted with a few people and swapped some other beers with them, we had a barley wine called Sleggehmmeren, strong but not well balanced with its 10.8% but the other folks had a pitcher of Big Easy Ale which was a fruit beer belgium style which was well balanced and would compete well with the Unibroue brewers.

On the wine side, I have tried a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Ponzi, which I have wanted for a while and it went well with our amazing meal at the Vesta Dipping Grill (Miranda will follow up with that great evening and probably the best barmaid we ever saw in action whose name was Carey), and I have been sampling another Oregon Pinot Noir called Erath is drinking well.

As a side note, in downtown Denver, they have free newspaper boxes of The Onion.  Just like picking up the See or Vue.

I will continue my observations concerning the mighty “Micro-Brews”.

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One Response to “Beers along the trip… part one of many”

  1. moi Says:
    March 9th, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Interesting, an oranege slice, you’ll have to let me try that if you get back and still think it’s a good idea. The Onion, interesting, I didn’t know it was actually printed. Since you did all the drinking, what, not enough stamina left to write about the day (other than a reason for me to go to Denver).