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Downtown Denver Day

By miranda | March 9, 2008

Ahh, the cool mountain air of Colorado.  It really is a beautiful State, from what we’ve seen so far.  And we have been lucky enough to be able to spend the past two nights relaxing in Larkspur at Darryn’s place, just south of Denver.  Unfortunately, our gracious host was absent, working somewhere in the middle of nowhere Nevada, but Harry and I will hopefully be meeting up with Jennifer and the kids sometime during our Austin visit, as she is stationed only two hours away in Katy, Texas.

Yesterday was a great day, sunny and relatively warm.  We got downtown early for the hockey game so we got to walk around a bit, wearing our Canadiana on our sleeves (no really, I in my Oilers jersey and Harry wearing the Habs red).  We elicited a couple of comments, and started a few conversations, all friendly.  Then it was off to the Denver Arena and through the sea of Avalanche Jerseys  to our wonderful seats in row 15, between the blue and red lines (seats we would never be able to get in Edmonton, much less afford!).  The game was between the Colorado Avalanche and the Dallas stars, and I had no trouble picking which side to root for.   Seated just behind us was a couple who seemed quite nice, the lady was wearing a Stars Jersey and the guy had a Nordiques one on.  More pleasantries were exchanged, though Harry and the Nordiques fan were unsure if they should let the old rivalry come between them.  In the end, Colorado won 3-1 after scoring three unanswered goals in the later part of the game.  Fun, but we were hoping for overtime.

Then it was back out to the sunny streets of Denver (it was an afternoon game).  We went to the Wynkoop Brewing Company to kill some time with pool and locally brewed beers (check out Harry’s post below for more on the barley side of things).  Once the supper hour arrived we headed over to the Vesta Dipping Grill, on Jennifer’s recomendation.  Wow, what a fantastic meal!  We had decided against making a reservation, so when we arrived, it was packed and there was only room for us at the end of the bar.  This turned out to be a great place to sit, cause we had a charismatic and competent barmistress looking after us, and we got to look at her all night (admiring her skill, mind you, though yes, she was quite attractive too).  She was smiling and energetic, constantly busy, and really good at what she does.  Oh, and the food was amazing too.  Price-wise, it tended towards the high end, but unlike some restaurants, the serving sizes did not suffer.  The way the entrees work, you get to choose from great menu options (I had the lamb tenderloin and Harry had the harissa roast chicken) and compliment them with three dipping sauces of your choice.  I went for the recommended ones, pistachio mint, dried berry chutney, and a red pepper rice rouille…  yum yum yum!  It transforms your meal from one flavour sensation to three, and you have to make yourself slow down and give your palette time to adjust to all that you’re throwing at it.  Slowing down is good, cause it meant i had room for dessert, a sticky toffee pudding with… yup, three dipping sauces (creme anglaise, hot fudge, and strawberry coitreau). find a domain .   Mmmm, we went home happy that night.

And today we set off south again, Austin-bound!

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2 Responses to “Downtown Denver Day”

  1. moi Says:
    March 9th, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    Why am I not surprised by the dessert portion. Actually, that sounds like quite a meal, ideas that maybe more places here could incorporate. Jealousy knows no bounds on the looking at a competent waitress.

  2. Barbie Says:
    March 27th, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Saw this in a local store in a soft teal, using &#2l08;Port2and Tweed” yarn – just gorgeous. Bought the same yarn in grey right there and will start it this evening. Hard part will be giving it for a Christmas present, so will have to make more than one! Thanks for the pattern!