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First Music Festival

By miranda | August 13, 2008

Yes, with our 16-day old girl, we attended the Edmonton Folk Fest.  We were attentive to how well Sophie would take it all, and she held up really well.  Thankfully we were able to find a spot in the shade at mainstage to call our own, so we were a bit sheltered from the sweltering heat, and even then it was down to nothing but a diaper for our little girl.  We stayed all evening Thursday, but skipped Friday which was even hotter (and us parents were pretty tired too!).  Saturday we showed up for a couple of hours and attended some of the late afternoon sessions, which were easier on the ears, but the acts we wanted to see were at a stage with no shade at all, so the heat got to us all pretty quickly.  Sunday was much better; cooler with some cloud cover.  We caught some high-energy mainstage acts and saw an eternal favourite, Luke Doucet, on one of the smaller stages.

The weekend was also great for running into people we knew.  We got to show Sophie off to many music-loving friends.  Another happy thing about the weekend was that Kim and crew were in town for a wedding.  With both of our schedules pretty full, we didn’t get to spend too much time together, but we did get two visits in, one of which saw Kim (and 6mo-old Griffin), Amy (and 3mo-old Isabella) and I (and 3wk-old Sophie) together at the St. Albert Mall with the three little ones in slings.  Man, I wish I’d had the camera with me for that, we were quite a lovely group being herded along by Amelia and Dustin.

And now it’s back to the quiet life at home for us girls, and Harry is back at work.   Harry’s mom is coming for a week-long visit on Wednesday, so I’ll have company.  And soon after that Simon will be arriving in town for a visit, his first chance to see his little niece.

p.s. pictures from the Folk Fest will soon be up in the gallery

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